ISPS Code: Ship Security Officer

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Length: 4 Days

Type: Online

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  • July-22-2024


  • Aug-26-2024


  • Sep-09-2024


  • Oct-14-2024


  • Nov-18-2024


  • Dec-09-2024


Course Details

Course Outline

4 days course

Introduction to ISPS


  • Background and History
  • Maritime Security Threats and Patterns
  • Ship and Port Operations

Maritime Security Policy


  • Relevant International Conventions, Codes and Recommendations
  • Relevant Government Legislation and Regulations
  • Definitions
  • Legal implications of action or non-action by security duties
  • Handling sensitive security-related information and the importance of confidentiality


Security Responsibilities


  • Contracting Governments
  • Recognized Security Organizations (RSO)
  • The Company
  • The Ship
  • The Port Facility
  • Ship Security Officer
  • Company Security Officer
  • Port Facility Security Officer
  • All other personnel with security responsibilities

Ship Security Assessment

  • Risk Assessment Methodology
  • Assessment Tools
  • On-scene Security Surveys
  • Security Assessment Documentation


Security Equipment


  • Security Equipment and Systems
  • Operational Limitations of Security Equipment and System
  • Testing, Calibration and Maintenance of Security Equipment

Ship Security Plan


  • Purpose of the Ship Security Plan
  • Contents of the Ship Security Plan
  • Confidentiality Requirements
  • Implementation of the Ship Security Plan
  • Review, Evaluation, Modification, and Maintenance of the Ship Security Plan


Threat Identification, Recognition, and Response


  • Security Equipment and Systems
  • Methods of Physical Searches and Non-intrusive Inspections
  • Implementing and Coordinating Searches
  • Recognition of a Non-Discriminatory Basis o Person Posing Potential Security Risks
  • Techniques to Circumvent Security Measures
  • Crowd Management and Control Techniques

Ship Security Actions

  • Actions required by Different Security Levels
  • Maintaining Security of Ship/Port Interface
  • The Declaration of Security (DOS)
  • Implementation of Security Procedures

Emergency Preparedness, Drills and Exercises


  • Contingency Planning
  • Security Drills and Exercises
  • Assessment of Security Drills and Exercises
  • Design and Organize Training Exercises and Drills in accordance with paragraph 13 of the ISPS Code

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