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Length: 1 Week

Type: Online

Available Dates


  • June-17-2024


  • July-29-2024


  • Aug-12-2024


  • Sep-09-2024


  • Oct-21-2024


  • Nov-04-2024


  • Dec-23-2024


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Course Outline

5 days course

Fundamentals of Maritime Regulations

  • Introduction to Flag State responsibilities and objectives
  • Overview of IMO Conventions and international maritime regulations
  • Maritime safety and environmental protection as core principles
  • Understanding the role of maritime administrations and port authorities
  • Key international instruments and their significance
  • Case studies on successful implementation of maritime regulations

Legal Framework and Legislation

  • Delving into the legal framework for maritime regulation
  • Examination of national and international laws governing maritime activities
  • Drafting and implementing effective maritime legislation
  • Interactive workshop: Developing a model maritime legislation
  • Ensuring compliance and enforcement mechanisms
  • Practical exercises on legal aspects of maritime administration

Enforcement and Inspections

  • Understanding the principles of effective enforcement
  • Developing inspection procedures and protocols
  • Compliance verification techniques and tools
  • Practical exercises: Conducting ship inspections
  • Reporting and documentation for enforcement
  • Handling non-compliance and corrective actions

Flag State Jurisdiction and International Cooperation

  • Exercising Flag State jurisdiction under international instruments
  • Collaboration with international bodies and organizations
  • Sharing best practices and information exchange
  • Crisis management and response in the maritime sector
  • Interactive simulations: Handling maritime incidents
  • International cooperation for maritime safety and security

Safeguarding the Environment

  • Marine pollution prevention and environmental sustainability
  • Green shipping practices and technologies
  • Closing the gap in maritime environmental protection
  • Strategies for mitigating marine pollution and promoting sustainable shipping practices

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