Underwater Robotics and Subsea Engineering

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Length: 2 Weeks

Type: Online

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  • July-29-2024


  • Aug-19-2024


  • Sep-16-2024


  • Oct-07-2024


  • Nov-11-2024


  • Dec-23-2024


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Course Outline

10 days course

Underwater Robotics Overview

  • Recognising the significance of robotics and undersea exploration.
  • Historical evolution and underwater robots’ developments.
  • Important underwater robot parts include sensors, thrusters, manipulators, and more

Subsea Engineering Principles

  • Overview of subsea engineering and its importance to offshore industries.
  • Design concerns for underwater equipment and buildings.
  • Projects involving subsea engineering have challenges that must be overcome.

Aquatic Robotics Control and Navigation

  • The fundamentals of underwater positioning and navigation systems.
  • Underwater robots can communicate via sonar and sound.
  • Remote-controlled versus autonomous undersea vehicles.

Mapping and Imaging Underwater

  • Methods for 3D mapping and underwater imaging.
  • Uses of sonar and lidar for underwater mapping.
  • Processing and interpreting data to produce comprehensive underwater maps.


Sensors and Data Acquisition for Underwater Robotics

  • Recognising several sensor kinds for underwater robots.
  • Data gathering and analysis in aquatic environments.

Marine Research using Underwater Robotics

  • Submerged robots in marine biology and oceanography applications.
  • Using underwater robots for marine life surveillance and tracking.
  • Carrying out environmental research using robotic platforms.

The Oil and Gas Industry's Use of Underwater Robotics

  • Undersea robots' part in offshore oil and gas research.
  • Robotic inspection, maintenance, and repair (IMR) procedures.
  • Subsea operations safety issues and risk management.

New Developments in Aquatic Robotics

  • Applications for soft robots and bio-inspired underwater designs.
  • Autonomous underwater systems using AI and machine learning.


Environmental Impact and Subsea Engineering

  • Understanding how subsea ventures affect the environment.
  • Subsea engineering sustainable practices.
  • adhere to laws and norms worldwide.

Final Evaluation of Underwater Robotics Project

  • Collaborative attempt to create and carry out a fictitious underwater expedition.
  • Presentations and project assessments.

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