Sustainable Ship Design and Green Technologies

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Length: 1 Week

Type: Online

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  • July-08-2024


  • Aug-12-2024


  • Sep-16-2024


  • Oct-21-2024


  • Nov-25-2024


  • Dec-23-2024


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5 days course

Introduction to Sustainable Ship Design

  • Overview of sustainable ship design and its importance in the maritime industry.
  • Key environmental challenges in the shipping sector.
  • Latest trends and developments in sustainable ship design.
  • Regulations and international standards for environmentally friendly vessels.

Green Technologies for Ship Propulsion

  • Introduction to green propulsion technologies: electric propulsion, fuel cells, and hybrid systems.
  • Latest advancements in electric propulsion systems for ships.
  • Fuel cell technology for marine applications and its benefits.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources

  • Energy efficiency optimization techniques for ships.
  • Designing for improved aerodynamics and hydrodynamics.
  • Utilising renewable energy sources onboard ships: solar, wind, and wave energy.
  • Battery energy storage systems and their integration into ship design.

Waste Management and Emission Reduction

  • Introduction to waste management strategies for ships.
  • Innovative technologies for wastewater treatment and gray water recycling.
  • Minimising air pollution: exhaust gas cleaning systems (scrubbers) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR).

Future Trends and Emerging Technologies

  • The role of digitalisation and data analytics in sustainable ship design.
  • Autonomous and remotely operated vessels: potential benefits and challenges.
  • 3D printing and additive manufacturing in shipbuilding for sustainability.

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