Hydrogen Fuel Cells in Marine Engineering

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Length: 1 Week

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  • July-22-2024


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5 days course

Introduction to Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Marine Engineering

  • Overview of using hydrogen as a fuel in maritime engineering.
  • Fundamentals of fuel cell technology and its use in the maritime sector.
  • Utilising hydrogen fuel cells in naval vessels: benefits and drawbacks.

Fundamentals of Hydrogen Fuel Cells

  • Fuel cell system components and their functionalities.
  • Fuel cell types employed in maritime applications.
  • Fuel cell efficiency, performance, and durability factors.

Hydrogen Production, Storage, and Safety

  • Technologies and procedures for producing hydrogen.
  • Marine applications hydrogen storage alternatives.
  • Regulations and safety issues related to handling hydrogen fuel.

Integration of Hydrogen Fuel Cells in Marine Systems

  • Design factors should be considered when integrating fuel cell systems in maritime vessels.
  • System size and power needs for hydrogen fuel cells.
  • Incorporating fuel cells into existing power systems and energy storage technologies.

Future Perspectives and Emerging Technologies

  • New developments and trends in naval engineering driven by hydrogen.
  • Advantages for the environment and the possibility to reduce carbon emissions using hydrogen fuel cells.
  • Economic factors and the affordability of hydrogen fuel cell systems.

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