Advanced Ship Propulsion Systems

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Length: 1 Week

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  • July-29-2024


  • Aug-05-2024


  • Sep-16-2024


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  • Dec-23-2024


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5 days course

Ship Propulsion Systems Overview

  • Description of ship propulsion and the role it plays in marine engineering.
  • Introduction to the benefits of contemporary electric propulsion.
  • Fundamentals of propeller performance and design.

Electric Propulsion Systems

  • A thorough investigation of the ship's electric propulsion systems.
  • Batteries, power electronics, electric motors, and generators are all parts of an electric propulsion system.
  • All-electric, hybrid, and electric-assist systems are several kinds of electric propulsion setups.

Advanced Propulsion Technologies

  • Introduction to cutting-edge ship propulsion technology.
  • Magnetic propulsion technologies and possible uses.
  • Principles, advantages, and safety concerns of nuclear propulsion.

 Alternative Energy Sources and Fuels

  • Analyzing different ship fuel alternatives, including LNG, hydrogen, biofuels, and others.
  • Solar, wind, and wave energy are examples of renewable energy sources for auxiliary power.
  • Potential for energy recuperation and regenerative propulsion systems.

Ship Propulsion Future Trends and Sustainability

  • New developments in ship propulsion include autonomous ships and AI-assisted technologies.
  • Description of digital twin technology for improving propulsion efficiency.
  • Techniques to increase efficiency and control energy.

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