International Logistics Management

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Length: 8 Days

Type: Online

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  • June-24-2024


  • July-15-2024


  • Aug-19-2024


  • Sep-09-2024


  • Oct-28-2024


  • Nov-11-2024


  • Dec-23-2024


  • Jan-06-2025


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Course Outline

8 days course

Introduction to International Logistics

  • Understanding the Significance of International Logistics
  • Differences Between International and Domestic Logistics
  • International Logistics in Supply Chain Management

Logistics Functions in Global Trade

  • Planning and Strategy in International Logistics
  • Procurement and Sourcing for Global Operations
  • Production and Manufacturing in an International Context
  • Transportation Strategies for Cross-Border Movement

Complexities of International Logistics

  • International Insurance and Risk Management
  • International Payment Methods and Terms of Trade

Supply Chain Integration in International Logistics

  • Collaboration and Information Flow Management in Global Supply Chains
  • Financial Considerations in International Supply Chains
  • Data and Knowledge Management in the Global Context

Intermediaries and Collaborative Partnerships

  • The Role of Intermediaries in International Logistics
  • Collaboration Between Firms: Joint Ventures, Alliances, and Partnerships
  • Managing Relationships with Suppliers, Distributors, and Service Providers
  • Enhancing Collaboration for Efficient Global Supply Chains

Mitigating Risks in International Logistics

  • Identifying Inherent Risks and Hazards in International Transportation
  • Regulatory Compliance: Navigating International Trade Regulations
  • Disaster and Crisis Management in International Logistics

Developments in Logistics Practice

  • Evolving Technologies in International Logistics
  • Sustainability and Environmental Considerations
  • Future Trends in International Logistics
  • Case Studies and Real-World Applications

The Economic Impact of International Logistics

  • Economic Implications of Efficient International Logistics
  • Case Studies Demonstrating Economic Benefits
  • Global Commerce and Market Access
  • Policy Implications and Trade Facilitation
  • Applying Knowledge to Real-World Scenarios

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