Container Shipping, Strategies Supply Chain Operations, And Revenue

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Length: 1 Week

Type: Online

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  • July-29-2024


  • Aug-19-2024


  • Sep-09-2024


  • Oct-21-2024


  • Nov-11-2024


  • Dec-30-2024


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Course Outline

5 days course

Container Shipping Operations

  • Introduction to Container Shipping
  • Understanding Container Types and Sizes
  • Cargo Handling and Stowage Techniques
  • Port Operations and Terminal Management
  • Hands-on Experience with Container Handling Equipment
  • Safety Procedures and Best Practices in Port Operations

Supply Chain Management

  • Overview of Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Chain Integration and Strategies
  • Vendor Selection and Management
  • Warehouse and Inventory Management
  • Supply Chain Simulation: Managing Inventory and Orders
  • Real-world Case Studies in Supply Chain Optimization

Revenue and Cost Management

  • Revenue Streams in Container Shipping
  • Pricing Strategies and Tariffs
  • Financial Analysis in the Maritime Industry
  • Revenue Maximization Techniques
  • Cost Components in Container Shipping
  • Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Budgeting and Financial Planning
  • Practical Exercise: Cost Analysis and Revenue Optimization

Maritime Legal Aspects

  • Legal Framework in Maritime Industry
  • Bills of Lading and Charter Parties
  • Carriage of Goods by Sea Regulations
  • Maritime Insurance and Claims
  • Interactive Legal Case Studies
  • Practical Exercise: Legal Negotiations and Dispute Resolution
  • Analyzing Legal Documents and Contracts

Ports and Logistics Management

  • Business Operations at Container Ports
  • Port Development and Challenges
  • Port Marketing and Economics
  • Modern Technologies in Port Management
  • Simulation Exercise: Managing Port Operations and Logistics

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