Certificate in Ship Sale and Purchase

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Length: 2 Weeks

Type: Online

Available Dates


  • July-08-2024


  • Aug-12-2024


  • Sep-23-2024


  • Oct-28-2024


  • Nov-18-2024


  • Dec-02-2024


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Course Outline

10 days course

Introduction to Ship Sale and Purchase:

  • Overview of the maritime industry and its stakeholders
  •  Importance of ship sale and purchase in the industry
  •  Understanding ship sales and purchases, including tax considerations
  • ption certificates and their role in ship transactions

Ship Types and Classification:

  •  Different types of ships and their characteristics
  •  Classification societies and their role in ship classification

Ship Sale and Purchase Market:

  • Market dynamics and trends in ship sales
  •  Key players and intermediaries involved in ship transactions

Legal Framework:

  • International conventions and regulations related to ship sale and purchase
  • Contracts and agreements used in ship transactions (e.g., Memorandum of Agreement, Sale and Purchase Agreement)
  • Sales tax implications in ship sales
  • Resale certificates and their significance in ship transactions


Ship Valuation:

  • Methods and approaches for ship valuation
  • Factors influencing ship valuation (e.g., age, condition, market demand)
  • Purchase price determination in ship sales


Due Diligence:


  • Importance of due diligence in ship sale and purchase
  • Technical and legal aspects of the due diligence process
  • Investigation and documentation for due diligence

Financing and Insurance:

  • Financing options for ship acquisition
  • Marine insurance and risk management in ship sales
  • Tax considerations in ship financing and insurance


Negotiation and Documentation:

  • Negotiation techniques and strategies in ship sales
  • Preparation and review of relevant documentation
  • Detailed description and basis of ship sale agreements


Delivery and Flagging:

  • Transfer of ownership and registration procedures
  • Flagging options and associated considerations
  • Certificate of registry and its significance in ship sales


Dispute Resolution:

  • Resolution of disputes in ship sale and purchase
  • Arbitration and other legal processes in ship sales
  • Tax implications in dispute resolution


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