Port State Maritime Labour Convention (MLC Standards)

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Length: 1 Week

Type: Online

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  • July-22-2024


  • Aug-05-2024


  • Sep-16-2024


  • Oct-28-2024


  • Nov-11-2024


  • Dec-02-2024


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Course Outline

5 days course

Overview of MLC 2006 and PSCO Roles

  • MLC 2006 Key Issues: Introduction to major topics and mandatory certification.
  • PSCOs in Compliance: The role of PSCOs in upholding labour standards.
  • Certification Procedures: Summary of MLC-related certification and labour codes.
  • MLC Convention Principles: Overview of the five titles and their evolution.
  • Flag State Policies: Discussion on individual nation actions supplementing MLC requirements.
  • MLC Implementation and Certification: Outline of the implementation schedule and national legislation.

Administration of MLC and Ensuring Compliance

  • MLC Administration: Understanding roles and responsibilities in upholding global labour standards.
  • Historical ILO Conventions: Review old International Labour Organization conventions for seafarers' living and working conditions.
  • Verifying MLC Amendments: Methods to keep abreast of the latest MLC amendments and preparation for compliance.
  • Delegating Statutory Duties: The process of delegating statutory duties to classification societies.

Health & Safety Inspections and National Legislations

  • MLC Health & Safety Inspections: Practical approaches and hazard identification for PSCOs.
  • National Legislations and MLC: Examining supportive and conflicting national laws with MLC.
  • Evidence Collection: Strategies for collecting evidence in cases of MLC evasion.
  • Incorporating MLC into National Laws: Methods for embedding MLC standards into domestic legislation.
  • Procedural Fairness in MLC Implementation: Ensuring fairness in applying MLC standards.

MLC Risk Assessment and Monitoring

  • Risk Assessment for Seafarers: Processes and risks associated with labour standards inspections onboard.
  • MLC Monitoring: Techniques for gathering qualitative evidence from seafarers and companies.
  • Rectification and Remedies: Procedures for providing remedies and compensation to seafarers.
  • PSC and Global Labour Markets: Understanding the impact of PSC on global labour markets.

Interactive Sessions and Case Studies

  • MLC Compliance Inspection Exercise: Tabletop exercise on poor living and working conditions onboard.
  • Case Studies on CSR Non-Compliance: Analyzing non-compliance with MLC's CSR standards.
  • Ideal PSC Inspection Plan: Developing a comprehensive PSC inspection plan.
  • Feedback and Experience Sharing: Gathering delegates' feedback and sharing experiences.
  • Open Discussions and Presentations: Facilitating discussions and presentations by delegates.