Flag State Maritime Labour Convention (MLC Standards)

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Length: 1 Week

Type: Online

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  • July-22-2024


  • Aug-26-2024


  • Sep-23-2024


  • Oct-14-2024


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  • Dec-02-2024


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Course Outline

5 days course

Introduction to MLC 2006 and FSCO Responsibilities

  • MLC 2006 Overview: Discussing key issues and mandatory certification requirements.
  • Role of FSCOs in Compliance: Clarifying FSCO responsibilities in upholding labour standards.
  • Certification Procedures: A summary of MLC-related certification and labour codes.
  • MLC Convention Principles: Understanding the requirements of the MLC Convention and its evolution.
  • Flag State Policies: Examining actions taken by individual nations in addition to MLC requirements.
  • Implementation Schedules: Outlining the MLC implementation schedule and national legislation.

Administration and Amendments of MLC

  • MLC Administration: Roles and responsibilities in adhering to global labour standards.
  • Historical ILO Conventions: Review old conventions for seafarers’ living and working conditions.
  • Amendments Verification: Methods to stay updated with MLC amendments for compliance.
  • Delegating Statutory Duties: The process of delegating duties to class societies.

Health & Safety Inspections and National Legislation

  • MLC Health & Safety Inspections: Practical approaches and hazard identification for FSCOs.
  • National Legislations: Examining laws supporting or conflicting with MLC.
  • Evidence Collection: Strategies for collecting evidence in cases of MLC evasion.
  • MLC in National Laws: Integrating MLC standards into national legislations.
  • Procedural Fairness: Ensuring fairness in the implementation of MLC.

Risk Assessment and Monitoring

  • MLC Risk Assessment: Processes and risks in labour standard inspections onboard.
  • MLC Monitoring: Procedures for collecting qualitative evidence from seafarers and companies.
  • Rectification Procedures: Providing remedies and compensation to seafarers.

Practical Application and Case Studies

  • MLC Inspection Exercise: An interactive exercise on MLC compliance in poor living and working conditions.
  • Case Studies on Non-Compliance: Discussing non-compliance cases with CSR standards under MLC.
  • Feedback and Discussion: Collect delegates' feedback and facilitate open discussions and presentations.