Flag State Environmental Inspections

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Length: 1 Week

Type: Online

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  • July-22-2024


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  • Sep-16-2024


  • Oct-14-2024


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  • Dec-16-2024


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Course Outline

5 days course

Introduction to Marpol and Compliance Requirements

  • Marpol Convention Overview: Discuss critical issues and mandatory certification for the six annexes.
  • Role of FSCOs in Marpol Compliance: Clarifying FSCO responsibilities in ensuring adherence to Marpol standards.
  • Certification Procedures Summary: Overview of certification procedures per Marpol, AFS, and Bunker conventions.
  • Marpol Convention Evolution: Examining the requirements of the Marpol Convention and current changes.
  • Flag State Policies: Reviewing actions taken by individual nations in addition to Marpol requirements.
  • Implementation Schedules: Outlining the schedule for implementing Marpol and related national legislation.

Administration and Compliance of Marpol

  • Marpol Administration: Roles and responsibilities in adhering to discharge and emission standards.
  • Ship Construction Standards: Major construction elements for tankers and gas carriers as per Marpol.
  • Amendments Verification: Methods to stay updated with Marpol amendments for compliance.
  • Delegating Statutory Duties: Process of delegating duties to class societies.

Inspections and Safety in Marpol Context

  • SOLAS and Marpol Inspections: Assessing operational and safety issues in FSCO duties related to Marpol.
  • Technology Approvals: Processes for approving new safety and survival technology solutions.
  • Evidence Collection: Strategies for collecting evidence in cases of Marpol evasion.

Risk Assessment and Monitoring Under Marpol

  • Marpol Risk Assessment: Understanding the processes and risks in environmental inspections onboard.
  • Sampling and Monitoring: Procedures for collecting environmental samples.
  • Marpol Annex VI Emission Audits: Steps for conducting emission audits.
  • Equipment Installation and Retrofitting: Key issues in installing and retrofitting filtration devices onboard.

Practical Application and Feedback

  • Marpol Inspection Exercise: Conducting an interactive exercise on Marpol compliance.
  • Case Studies on Non-Compliance: Analyzing real-world examples of non-compliance with Marpol discharge standards.
  • Feedback Session: Gather and discuss feedback and experiences from delegates.
  • Open Discussions and Presentations: Facilitating discussion sessions and presentations by delegates.