King Abdul Aziz Port Sets Maritime Milestone with Record TEU Achievement

King Abdul Aziz Port Sets Maritime Milestone with Record TEU Achievement

Posted on Apr 17, 2024 at 11:04 PM

In an impressive leap forward for Saudi Arabia's marine industry, the King Abdul Aziz Port in Dammam has shattered its previous records. February 2024 witnessed the port processing an astonishing 235,820 Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units (TEUs), marking a 25.41% increase over its record of 166,956 TEUs in 2023. This historic milestone underscores the Saudi Ports Authority "Mawani" and its relentless drive to enhance the Kingdom's marine sector and solidify its standing as a beacon of logistical supremacy.

The enhancements in the port's operational capabilities have borne fruit, evidencing a notable rise in productivity and efficiency. These advances have significantly bolstered the port's handling and logistical operations, paving the way for this monumental achievement.

Diving Deeper into the Numbers

The details reveal that the port's prowess extends beyond just handling capacity. The import containers surged by nearly 49% to 142,673 TEUs from the previous year's 95,787 TEUs, while export containers saw a 24.67% increase, reaching 86,250 TEUs from 69,184 TEUs. More remarkably, maritime traffic soared to 6,897 ships in 2024 from 1,985 boats in 2023, illustrating a 247.46% jump.

This unprecedented performance is a testament to the port's cutting-edge operational and logistical infrastructure, supported by 43 fully equipped berths capable of accommodating 105 million tonnes of cargo and TEUs. The port's commitment to modernisation is further evidenced by its specialised facilities and advanced machinery, enabling it to handle various cargo types.

Strengthening Global Connections

The port's ambit extends to enhancing its global connectivity by adding a new shipping line, connecting it to vital regions in India and Southeast Asia. The initiation of the "IMS" shipping service by VASI Shipping Pte Ltd, headquartered in Singapore, aims to bolster the port's import and export flow and fortify its strategic partnerships with leading global shipping lines.

The IMS service links the King Abdul Aziz Port with five key ports across Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and the UAE through weekly voyages capable of transporting up to 1,800 TEUs. This move aligns with the Kingdom's National Transport and Logistics Strategy (NTLS), aiming to position Saudi Arabia as a pivotal global logistics hub.

Notably, this feat follows closely on the heels of the port's January 2024 record of 215,179 TEUs, reinforcing its vital role in promoting Saudi Arabia's marine sector leadership and its potential to drive the logistics and transportation sector forward. The King Abdul Aziz Port in Dammam continues to set new benchmarks, illustrating its pivotal role in the Kingdom's ambitious vision for its marine and logistical industries.


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